The Practice

The Vijnana yoga practice offers a path of phenomenal physical, mental and spiritual growth. We practice sitting meditation, kriyas, pranayama, and all subject areas of yoga asanas, for example, standing poses, inversions, backbends, forward bends, from introductory to advanced levels. Whether standing on one’s feet, head or hands, we practice with intent and devotion. The advanced practices in the full program of the Vijnana Yoga Practice Manual are a natural development of a daily practice over years and out of an interest to strengthen one’s mind-body-heart connections. The study of yoga texts, contemporary, classical and ancient, is also an integral practice of Vijnana Yoga. Through this tradition of wisdom we are guided from this person’s desires and attachments (karma) to the truth of the Self (who I am) and a dharmic life.


Introduction to Vijnana Yoga

Vijnana Yoga Principles