Private Classes

Meeting in Presence: Yoga Guidance and Support:

Working privately and intensely is an opportunity to deepen your own practice of yoga and your understanding of meditation, pranayama, asana, anatomy, philosophy, and the principles and practices of Vijnana Yoga. This is beneficial for all students of yoga and those that teach yoga.

If you have an injury or challenge – physical, mental, emotional, I can assist you to help heal yourself through an intelligent understanding of mind-body-heart. We can discuss and look at questions about the practice and/or the principles of the practice. I can create a personalized home practice for you.

Sometimes we know we need support, like when we are going through difficult times; sometimes we don’t realize how much we could benefit from being truly heard. I can offer quiet presence, an open heart, confidential listening, perspective on the inner landscape, and experience from a contemplative life.

Costs are $80 per hour, though the price and alternate forms of exchange are negotiable. Please email or phone and so we can connect.