Home based Yoga Apprenticeship


You can earn a 200 or 300 hour Yoga Alliance certificate, or an 800 hour Vijnana Yoga International certificate through the Traditional Yoga Apprenticeship; or you can participate without seeking certification, and therefore have a little more flexibility and choice as to what you study and how many hours you complete. You will need to be self-disciplined for this apprenticeship — for personal practice (sadhana) and study.

I can offer varying support, for example :
– traditional teachings of yoga practices and philosophy.
– bi-weekly or monthly guidance for your yoga practice. This will include guidance of form, ie, what to practice, and principle, ie, how to practice, with what intent or quality.
– bi-weekly or monthly studies, eg. asanas, anatomy, texts, and/or contemplations, that you will read and write on. I will offer feedback and guidance in response to your submissions.
– an on-line sangha conversation about our studies and practices.
– telephone conversations as or if needed.
– two retreats per year on Salt Spring Island — one in the Fall and one in the Spring.
– private in-person instruction

To gain Yoga Alliance certificates or complete the Vijnana Yoga International Teacher Training you must complete many hours in person (these are called “contact hours”) with me. Some of your contact hours can be fulfilled with another certified Vijnana Yoga Teacher. Your hours of practice and study at home are called “non-contact hours”, and fulfill a smaller portion of the required hours.


200 hour Yoga Alliance certificate requirements:
– one to 2 years of the Yoga Apprenticeship, fulfilling 180 contact (in-person) hours, and 20+ non-contact hours (sadhana and study).

300 hour Yoga Alliance certificate requirements:
– 2 to 4 years of the Yoga Apprenticeship, fulfilling 270+ contact (in-person) hours, and 30+ non-contact hours.

800 Vijnana Yoga International certificate requirements:
– 3-5 years of the Yoga Apprenticeship, fulfilling 600 contact hours and 200 non-contact hours
– daily sadhana (personal yoga practice)
– yearly home work/projects
– final evaluation and retreat with Orit Sen-Gupta or another senior Vijnana Yoga teacher.

– minimum of 5 years dedicated yoga practice
– a commitment to learning and practising deeply
– familiarity with the Vijnana Yoga practices and principles
– an ability to practice and study by yourself
– the time, energy, and financial means for this project

To be determined based on level of support and at-home and in-person support; for example, from $800 per year for minimal support, to $3000 for bi-weekly at home support, in-person private classes and retreat participation.

Please contact Cathy for more information and to apply.
Space is limited. You are not.