About Cathy

Yoga integrates and interests every aspect of my self – my mind, body, heart, intellect, and spirit – and most importantly connects my daily life with my deepest moments. handsYoga is about being continuously conscious of the mind-body-heart, about observing thoughts and sensations with clarity and compassion, from the love and bliss of who you are – your Self – pure awareness.

As we learn about the body through the teachings of yoga we bring intelligence to the body, and as we practice yoga the intuition and the intelligence unite to bring clarity to the body-mind-heart.

I have dedicated my life to yoga – to the practice of yoga, to teaching yoga, and to living in truth and presence.

I have had the honour of apprenticing as a yoga teacher with Gioia Irwin and I continue to study with her. I am grateful for Orit Sen-Gupta and “Vijnana Yoga”. I have been teaching Vijnana Yoga since 1999.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Simon Fraser University, and have enjoyed travelling, studying and practicing yoga and meditation in India. I am a certified Vijnana Yoga International Teacher and authorized to train teachers in the Vijnana Yoga Tradition. I am registered with the Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (E-RYT 500) at the advanced level. This designation recognizes that I have significant hours of advanced study in Yoga and thousands of hours of teaching experience. It also means that I am eligible to train Yoga Teachers at the advanced level, and that the hours you spend studying with me can be used toward your continuing education hours if you are registered with Yoga Alliance.